Project Management

Our team of Project Managers can take over your project from conception to completion, using local, competent and qualified Contractors to keep your service delivery high and costs low. With no job too big or small, we can support you from day 1 during design.

Qualified and experienced personnel

With smaller design and build projects, the Client may oversee the project. This can prove a challenge if the Client is lacking in management or trades knowledge experience. This can result in communication breaking down on the project, delays and unforeseen costs. With Recco Project and Safety Consultants, your project gets an appointed Project Manager as standard.

This means we:
  • Provide SMSTS and First Aid qualified Site Managers
  • Listen to you carefully to understand exactly what you’re looking for
  • Perform on-site visits every day to ensure optimum scheduling and organisation
  • Provide regular communication to keep you up to date and address any questions
  • Use our experience to suggest new and innovative ways to improve the final result
  • Offer improved leadership and morale for optimum productivity
  • Provide scrupulous quality control to ensure exceptional workmanship  
  • Control and implement all your feedback and instructions on your behalf
  • Remedy any issues based on our vast experience of all procedures
Putting you in more control than ever before

A Recco Project Manager is there to work for you and keep you in control. You can deliver your feedback and then leave it to your Project Manager to direct the design and build teams accordingly.

Benefit from a Project Manager with Design & Build experience

Your Recco Project Manager will understand the needs of your design team, the needs of your build team and your own needs as well. Everything is meticulously controlled and tightly choreographed to ensure a seamless build project which ticks every box.

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If interested in Project Management services, just call, email or visit our office, where we’ll be happy to discuss in further detail with you.

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