Careers with Recco Project and Health and Safety Consultants based in London

Recco Project and Health and Safety Consultants are based in Lewisham, London. Together we offer a team of highly-motivated, hardworking and knowledgeable construction, safety and property professionals. Subsequently, we continually invest in our staff to ensure a positive working environment.

Many of our clients face project challenges that seem insurmountable. Unfortunately, they’re not alone. Some work environments can be inherently hazardous, such as construction, oil and gas, manufacturing, mining and logistics. Therefore, it can be particularly hard to challenge long held assumptions that accept injury as a cost of doing business.

What’s Great About the Careers at Recco Project Health and Safety Consultants?

We’ve found that operating in a high-risk industry is not a barrier to performance. Success starts with the commitment of our team members. At Recco Project and Safety Consultants, we believe we can change the narrative and that starts with you. In response, let’s approach the challenge together.

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