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What is a Health and Safety Construction Phase Plan?

Health and safety construction phase plan

Health and Safety Construction Phase Plans

A Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan is a legal document. This is a legal requirement under the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015. Primarily, a plan is required when a Client appoints a Principal Contractor to perform their maintenance and Construction. This typically occurs when there are two or more Contractors on site at any one time.

It is important to remember that a Construction Phase Plan should be created by the Principal Contractor in accordance with the Regulations. Once created, this should then be used in advance of and throughout the construction phase of their project. During successful projects, a Construction Phase Plan should also be developed as the scheme progresses. These reviews help to identify any new or changing hazards associated with the work activities.

The Construction Phase Plan document may also be updated as a result of information collated from Designers in the following meetings:

  • Design team meetings;
  • The pre-start meeting;
  • Progress Meetings, and
  • Health and Safety File meetings.

Is the Construction Phase Plan Alone Sufficient?

Additionally, the Construction Phase Plan should be read in conjunction with any supplementary Construction Design Management Information. This may be issued separately during the project. A comprehensive Construction Phase Plan should include the Pre-Construction Information supplied by the Principal Designer. This may feature the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Data Sheets. Task specific Risk Assessments and Method Statements relevant to the scope of works may also be added.

If information is missing, which may inform persons of the project risks, critical injuries can occur. It is therefore imperative the project team receive as much information as possible during the pre-construction stages. This allows them to mitigate or eliminate any project risk.

construction phase health and safety plan

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