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Health and Safety Goals

health and safety goals

What Are My Health and Safety Goals with Recco Project and Safety Consultants?

Each project will have its own unique set of safety goals. However, we at Recco Project Health and Safety Consultants can help you to identify yours. This can be both for your company as a whole, or on a project to project basis.

It is important to set Health and Safety goals. Goals are significant as they are away of setting key performance indicators. These can then subsequently be used to monitor the success of the business, in regards to Health and Safety compliance. Failure to achieve goals can have moral, legal and financial implications upon the business.

As noted by the Health and Safety Executive, failure to comply with statutory guidelines can result in severe punishments. For example, companies who fail to adequately manage Health and Safety can receive unlimited fines. Their Directors or Management if found to be negligent can also receive custodial sentences.

The key health and safety objectives should always be to complete the project on time and as specified. This should also offer due regard to the welfare of residents, staff and the public, without putting people’s health and safety at significant risk. To ensure the safety goals are met, risk analysis should occur during the project to:

  • Identify the most likely types of hazards on the project;
  • the control measures proposed, and
  • procedures for training, monitoring, review and audits
Recco Project and Safety Consultants Health and Safety Goals

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